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Earning Full Commissions Overseas with Dominican Breeze

Dominican Breeze shares with you the opportunity to generate full commissions on our real estate projects the Dominican Republic such as Bávaro, Punta Cana, Cap Cana and Las Terrenas among others.

Strenght in Numbers

Here at Dominican Breeze, we show you a new source of income in real estate selling our projects in the Dominican Republic without leaving your office no matter where you are.

Being an International Agent in a Digital World

The Dominican Republic has the largest economy in the Caribbean and Latin America and is known for its positive attitude towards foreign investment. It has a strong financial sector and a very well organized business community.


Benefit #1; We train you and provide you with all the sales tools including advertising material for social networks such as images, brochures and logos. In short, everything you need to sell.

Benefit #2; We support and accompany you before, during and after your virtual sales presentations as many times as you consider necessary, being with you at all times.

Benefit #3; You receive your commissions by wire transfer at the bank of your choice 30 days after your client has signed the purchase agreement, regardless of the construction stage of the project.

Benefit #4; For your peace of mind, the terms and conditions of your contract as an International Agent of our projects are in writing.

Benefit #5; You get a 5% commission from each sale without leaving your office in your country or if you prefer to refer your client without carrying out sales procedures, you earn 30% of the commission as a referral fee. Your choice is welcome.

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